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Elevate Your Impact
Digital Learning Experience

To succeed in today’s business environment,

Gaining the skills needed to move to the next level, feel more professional, confident, and management/client ready — all while being authentic and expressing who you really are — that’s how to elevate your impact.  We’ve brought that focus into an online professional development program, an engaging digital learning experience we call Elevate Your Impact. 


It’s an online course you can take as an individual but, if you’re a manager or business owner, it’s also something you could bring to your company or organization and make available to all your staff.




Our comprehensive and interactive, easy-to-access Elevate Your Impact program provides everyone from new hires to seasoned pros high level learning in the skills necessary to represent your company well, make the most of every opportunity and exceed expectations.  It includes insightful content and activities created specifically to educate emerging leaders on respectful, business-appropriate communication, so they can create an environment where everyone feels welcome, seen, heard, valued, and supported.


Working in a post-Covid 19 world,

has changed the game for everyone.

Water Ripple

Experienced staff members, who were doing fine before, may now find themselves uncertain and overwhelmed, perhaps less motivated and engaged. New employees, who may have come to the company more comfortable in a virtual space, may not really be clear on how to best interact in a corporate situation. So, for either proven or recent additions to your team, this course can help them communicate more effectively in meetings, help them feel comfortable handling introductions, and it can even give them the skills and self-assurance needed to build better relationships…either in virtual or in more traditional in-person settings.


Yet, as we’ve seen over and over again, separating your diversity training into one or two distinct sessions is rarely effective. It simply doesn’t lead to real change. But when diversity, equity and inclusion are integrated into all of your professionalism training, it is better received by employees, and becomes more ingrained in the way they interact on a daily basis. That’s why we incorporate DEI throughout the Elevate Your Impact digital learning experience in a natural way – it’s not an add-on. 


Elevate Your Impact Digital Learning Experience Includes:

100% online delivery, perfect for a virtual workforce. Entirely self-directed, it’s something anyone can do anywhere, any place, and at any time that works for them.  

16 micro-learning modules that can be completed daily, ranging from 3 minutes to 10 minutes. This is something an employee can do all in one sitting in only about 90 minutes.

Videos and gamification to help master first impressions, show up with confidence, create connection with conversation, build trusted relationships virtually, and advice to help participants lead from any seat.

Easy-to-enter-into interactive scenarios provide education in how to maximize an elevator conversation, meet a client for the first time, prepare for a networking event, develop mentor/sponsor relationships – even one on how to take your boss to lunch!

Direct coaching videos offer the kind of stories and overall feel that you’d find in an on-site class from Patricia Cook, so it remains personal, genuine and accessible, never sterile, boring or tedious. 

Flexibility to host on your company’s learning management system so it’s available to everyone in your organization, worldwide. Or it can be hosted on an outside website. 


Customization opportunities for your business or organization. This gives you the ability to use it as a stand-alone learning experience or pair it with our virtual video conference trainings or in-person training to reinforce learning.



Your professional presence is the baseline impression you give others.  It sends a message about your competence, credibility, trustworthiness, and authenticity. The professional presence you put out there on a day to day basis and the impressions you make, can strongly impact your success. That’s why the Elevate Your Impact course includes a professional presence assessment at the beginning. It’s a helpful tool to see what you’re doing well and what you need to work on more. 


We’ve made the assessment available here as well. It’s a great way to see where you stand and provides a nice taste of what skills you might want to improve through the Elevate Your Impact digital learning experience.

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 Interested in learning more? Let’s talk.

If you’re a company manager or owner who’d like to offer this digital learning opportunity to your employees, or an individual who’d like to take the Elevate Your Impact training on your own, simply contact us below for details. 

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