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A DEI Approach that really works.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives have never been more important… across every type of company and organization. Though diversity training began in this country in the 1960s in the wake of the Civil Rights and women’s movement, during the last 10 years it’s become more widely adopted. Harvard Business Review reports almost half of midsize companies use it, and nearly all the Fortune 500.


However, the way most organizations have been handling DEI training hasn’t necessarily led to the results they've been hoping for. As a wide range of studies report, “…most diversity programs aren’t increasing diversity.”

There is another way.

Abstract Building

Our embedded approach

toward diversity, equity and inclusion just makes sense.

We don’t separate DEI training into a “special” workshop your employees have to take.  That’s because we know lasting change, change that makes a difference, isn’t about checking the DEI Training box. 


What does make a difference, we believe, is presenting the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion within the context of treating everyone with respect, while showing employees how to do that  – as an aspect of an overall training in how to be confident, professional and successful in your work. 


There has never been a more important time for organizations to commit to creating a workplace where diversity is valued and to upholding a standard of treating others respectfully, equitably, and inclusively. In fact, it’s a business-critical imperative - businesses that embrace these values have shown greater growth, employee satisfaction and profitability. 


We’re here to help you make your DEI initiative something that helps you create the kind of respectful culture you really want.

“Diversity brings in new

ideas and experiences, it leads to better problem-solving.

 Psychology Today

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