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Every handshake, every gesture, every conversation

is an opportunity.



You’ve invested enormous energy into hiring the right talent and making sure they have the skills and experience necessary to be “experts” in their job. But, without guidance in relationship skills, professional presence, and the other intricacies of being a part of business culture, employees often can’t live up to their potential.


We think this a loss you can’t afford. 





The Workshops and Training Sessions in our
Elevate Your Impact and Executive Presence courses

include topics like:

HAVE THEM AT HELLO. Your introduction is the first, and often most lasting impression clients will have. We can give your team strategies for making sure their introductions and first impressions win clients over from the start.


OWN YOUR BODY LANGUAGE. Studies show that as much as 50-90% of communication is non-verbal. With our strategies, your team can become more aware of what their bodies are saying, and hone their skills to project poise and confidence in every interaction.


SPEAK SO YOU'RE REALLY HEARD. Learn to communicate clearly. We’re all too busy to read between the lines. With our support, your employees can make sure clients and colleagues hear what they really want them to hear. Because more clarity equals fewer complications. And more impact.


MEET LIKE A CHAMP. We know that meetings can often feel like a necessary evil—they drain our time, energy, and stop us from actually getting things done. In our trainings, your team can learn to lead and participate in meetings that are efficient, effective, and move your business forward.


TURN ACQUAINTANCES INTO CONNECTIONS. We know that people with people skills are the people who run the world. We can teach your team how to turn interactions into opportunities, to build a network, and forge trusted connections—connections that could help your business on the path to success.


LEAVE NOTHING ON THE TABLE BUT THE NAPKIN. Client dinners, fundraising events, and formal gatherings can cause anxiety and make or break a successful business deal. Your people can learn great table manners and entertaining skills—regardless of the setting--that will help them, and your company, make the most of every meal.


PUT YOUR BEST SELF OUT THERE. How you present yourself says a lot about you and can even impact your performance. We can teach your team how to make their appearance say what they want it to--to reinforce their personal brand and project confidence, poise, and skill. With our strategies, your staff can put their best selves forward and feel great too.


LET YOUR PERSONALITY TYPE WORK FOR YOU. Is it possible for both introverts and extroverts to shine at work?  Absolutely. We can teach your staff, whatever their personality type, to learn to communicate effectively and have impact. We’ll provide strategies for both introverts and extroverts to help them successfully participate in everything from formal meetings to casual conversations and how to put their unique traits to work for them. No apologies necessary.

COMMAND THE ROOM. Confidence, public speaking skills, and executive presence can be taught. With our help, your emerging leaders can discover how to encourage and motivate their team and get the best out of the people who report to them.

It can be hard to know exactly how to train your employees in these skills. Companies today often include a diverse mix of people in terms of age, gender, racial and cultural identities, life experience, and educational background. With that, can come vastly different social expectations and communication stylesmaking it more difficult to connect and form strong, trusting relationships.


But with the right support and training, your team can gain the skills to make these connections and form genuine relationships, even in a world where the rules are constantly shifting and changing.


Soft skills - people skills - matter. Research from Harvard University, Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center found that only 15% of job success comes from technical skills and knowledge. The rest - 85% - comes from the way a person talks, walks, dresses... from how they share their viewpoints, to how well they relate to others.

Our workshops will help develop, polish, and refinethe soft skills in your employees.

We help them navigate all kinds of

professional settings, develop and maintain their personal brand, and gain the confidence they need to truly thrive.






Our trainings are designed to meet your specific concerns and needs, and also to address each employee’s unique experiences and perspectives in dynamic and engaging ways. We tailor our trainings for each company and audience, but our trainings are particularly well-suited for new hires, those who are moving up on a management track, experienced professionals who just need a “refresher”, and any employee who regularly interacts with clients or senior management.

Image by Joel Filipe


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